Starting out as a teacher? Listen to this podcast!

It's tough starting out as a new teacher. Suddenly unleashed upon a world of gyms and studios (or, in the very beginning, most likely classes you set up yourself), you find yourself without the support or instruction of your teachers and classmates and scared you're doing it 'wrong'. When you add to the mix the business of marketing yourself and finding classes amongst a sea of other new teachers whilst maintaining your integrity, it can be doubly daunting. But it's also rewarding, exciting and fun! 

I made the following podcast with my friends and fellow teachers Ryan Spielman and Genny Wilkinson Priest. We've interviewed the owner of Europe's biggest studio, triyoga, as well as senior teachers Anna Ashby and Graham Burns. We hope that it will give great advice to new teachers starting out.

You can download it here. I hope you enjoy!