I like to say that I discovered yoga in 2001, but that Yoga discovered me in 2009. Having dabbled on and off for years, it wasn’t until I went to India and took a class in Varanasi (more on that story here) that I became hooked. I couldn’t explain what had happened; the teacher’s instructions weren’t very clear, flies buzzed relentlessly around our mats and I was stiff as a board, but I instinctively felt that I was onto something, and for the rest of my trip tried to make space every day to recreate the postures that we had been shown.

By this point in my life I had spent many years in recovery from various addictions. I loved the spiritual aspect of the program that I still credit with saving my life, but was growing disillusioned with its insistence that I thought of myself as essentially a 'sick' person trying to become 'well'. Yoga gave me my first insight into the idea that I was already a whole person, as light and dark as the next person, and in no way the sum total of my past. This, in turn, allowed me to start living my life from a place of freedom and trust in myself.

Yoga took my life to the next level. Every time I get on the mat, I am reminded that I am not even the same person I was yesterday, let alone last year. It reminds me that we can transcend whatever ideas we have of ourselves and the world around us- even if it's just for a fleeting moment that is followed by an episode of road rage on the way home from class. Which happens.

In 2012 I deepened my commitment to my practice by teacher training with the wonderful Ryan Spielman and have been teaching regular classes ever since. In the years since, I trained in vinyasa flow with Seane Corn, teen yoga with Veronika Kloucek, yin yoga with Norman Blair and pregnancy yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tulli. An eternal student, I have also (to date) taken workshops, immersions and intensives with the likes of Danny Paradise, Matthew Sanford, John Scott, Matthew Sweeney and Kino MacGregor. 

When I am not teaching classes and workshops, I'm a writer and occasional performer, and a producer at Conscious2. I recently moved to Devon.